hmt020615March 23-24, 2019
Lebanon, NH

  • Would you like a closer connection with your partner?

  • Do you find that you get stuck in repeated communication struggles?

  • Would you like your relationship with your loved one to be the best that it can be?

Anyone in a relationship that is not feeling heard or appreciated must take this workshop. It saved our marriage. – HMT course participant

In this weekend educational workshop you will:

Hear engaging presentations and watch video clips to learn the tools for creating and maintaining a life-long loving connection. Practice in private with your partner the conversations that will bring you closer together. Gain a deeper understanding of one another’s needs so that you can stay engaged and not get derailed.

Who is Sue Johnson?

Sue Johnson, PhD, developed the most effective, evidence-based approach to couples therapy in existence today: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT). This approach is founded on the understanding that every human being is hard-wired to need a secure emotional bond with another, a need that is with us from cradle to grave. In every relationship, however, this sense of safe secure connection gets jostled. It is at such times that negative patterns can get set into motion that create conflict, distance, or both. EFT provides a clear road map for helping couples learn to reconnect in a deeper, more reliable way. This workshop will help you understand what is happening at these times, and teach you how to step into a different, more positive pattern that will bring you closer together.


What to Expect:

The workshop will include a combination of presentations, video clips, and private conversations with your partner that will focus on specific skills for communicating in a new and deeper way. The workshop is based on the book “Hold Me Tight” by Sue Johnson, PhD. It is highly recommended that you buy the book and read Part One (pg. 13-61) prior to the workshop.

At the workshop you will receive a notebook of all the exercises used in the class which will allow you to return to any part of the workshop at home to re-create, rediscover, and deepen the work you did on the weekend.

Note: While questions and comments are welcome, you will not be required to participate in the large group. Your comfort and privacy are the utmost priority.

Coffee, tea and light snacks will be provided. Feel free to bring food with you to the workshop. Lunch is on your own. There is a food co-op next door with sandwiches and other options for lunch. Restaurants in Hanover are a short drive away.

This program is educational and is designed for relationship enhancement. If you are experiencing intense relationship distress, it is recommended that you seek a couple’s therapist in your community. Jill Fischer can assist you with referrals if you wish. If you are uncertain about whether to join the program or seek therapy, feel free to speak with her first.


Jill Fischer, LICSW, has worked as a psychotherapist for thirty years. Specializing in couples therapy, she is the only therapist in New Hampshire and Maine who is certified in both Emotionally Focused Therapy and the Gottman Method, two highly effective approaches to working with couples. She has a talent for creating a safe context in which each partner feels deeply understood, validated, and respected. Out of this base of trust comes a new experience of how to communicate in ways that bring greater closeness and ability to resolve difficulties together.

Amy Goldfarb, LICSW,   is an Emotionally Focused therapist with a private practice in Haverhill, MA.  Amy is trained in Psychodrama and Internal Family Systems Therapy.   She also works in the corporate sector using her theater background and knowledge of human nature to help business executives improve their leadership and relationship building skills.


Travel and Accomodations:

There is an air shuttle service from Boston Logan Airport to Lebanon, NH, that is reasonably priced. There are coach and limousine services from Boston Logan Airport (two hours away) and Manchester, NH, airport (1 hour 15 min. away) Driving times to Lebanon, NH:

  • From Manchester, NH: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • From Concord, NH:1 hour
  • From Boston: 2 hours
  • From Burlington, VT: 1 hour 30 minutes

There are several hotels within a short drive of the workshop.


Dates and Times:

March 23-24, 2019 • Lebanon, NH
Citizen’s Bank Building, 20 West Park St. Suite 219 • Lebanon, NH
Saturday 9 am to 5 pm and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

$495 per couple

Register below:

Name of Partner 1:
Name of Partner 2:

Call Jill Fischer, LICSW – 603-448-5318 for further information.

Cancellation policy: A full refund will be given up to two weeks prior to the workshop, after which there will be no refunds.


Anyone in a relationship that is not feeling heard or appreciated must take this workshop. It saved our marriage. – HMT course participant


My husband and I were in a cycle of frustration and a feeling of being continuously let down by one another. This workshop has given us a new understanding and appreciation of each other’s fears and feelings. It has helped me understand my husband in a way I never had before. – HMT course participant


The guided conversations were nonthreatening, educational and a good jumpstart to this healing process. Jill was a very kind, caring and effectual leader. – HMT course participant


If your love relationship is stale-mated or at an impasse, this is the bus stop to take. – HMT course participant


Any couple would benefit from the ideas, methods and new fresh ways that are offered. – HMT course participant

I learned to look beyond the “he’s the bad guy” stance in our relationship and see what’s going on below the radar of the dance. – HMT course participant


I think this is a valuable tool that all couples should utilize—even if you have “the perfect marriage.” – HMT course participant


This workshop gave us amazingly helpful tools to help us connect. – HMT course participant


We were able to find each other’s vulnerable places and have compassion about them. – HMT course participant


I feel incredibly hopeful and excited about our friendship and marriage. – HMT course participant


It was a huge help to have the time and guidance to address all the tough stuff we never get around to talking about. The workshop provided a safe space to do that. – HMT course participant